« Better to take change by the hand before it takes us by the throat »

Sir W. Churchill

Connected objects: levers for growth and digital transformation of organisations:

  • 10 to 40% cost reduction expected from IoT according to McKinsey *
  • 45% of projects have no vision of purpose, business model or use**
  • 60% of corporate IoT projects do not make it past the POC stage***

To be successful, an IoT project needs the support of experts. FOUR DATA is a designer of connected solutions on dedicated verticals through its 5 brands: Fuel it,, Bee2beep, datawaste, wizewater But also a consulting company to build, support and train our customers in their IoT projects. Multidisciplinary, Four Data is also an engineering company to design and develop custom IoT solutions.

With years of experience, Four data has developed a methodology in 3 steps:

3 steps




Understand your business, your needs to define the IoT solution!

  • Data collection and analysis
  • Diagnosis
  • Mapping of the eco-system
  • Benchmark of solutions and their feasibility (hard and soft)
  • Market study: targets, persona, cost estimate and ROI definition
  • Definition of the project methodology.

Deliverable: Specifications

Duration: 1 to 7 weeks



Design and implement your IoT solution.

  • Identification of the HARD solution (bill of material)
  • Identification of the SOFT solution
  • Sourcing of components
  • Prototyping
  • Choice of business model
  • Launch of the POC
  • Evaluation of the results obtained
  • Industrialisation of the solution

Deliverable: technical solution

Duration: 5 to 10 months



Ensuring the sustainability of the project and accompanying the digitalisation.

  • Training of teams in the solutions
  • Technical maintenance
  • Software maintenance
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Implementation of Business Intelligence applications.

Deliverable: GTR / GTI

Duration: indefine

    Phase 1

    The main stages of your project

    Ideation & Prototypage

    The philosopher, logician and economist John Stuart Mill was the first to mention ideation. Etymologically, the term “ideation” is derived from the old French verb idéer, i.e. to generate ideas. 

    Some years later, the psychologist Jacob Getzels proposed a preliminary stage of identification or formulation of the problem. Let us summarise this dynamic movement of thought at the origin of creativity:

    • Identification of the problem to be solved, especially in the form of a question.
    • Saturation: search for existing information and data around the problem.
    • Incubation: assimilating the research and awakening the imagination.
    • Illumination: finding original solutions without even looking for them.
    • Verification: analysing ideas to check their relevance or to improve them.

    source :

    During this first phase, the Four Data team takes the time with you to determine the problem or need precisely and comes back to you as soon as possible to start phase 2.

    We are here to listen to you!

    Phase 2

    Choose Object & Network

    Four Data, through its catalogue of objects is able to offer you various solutions depending on the element to be monitored: material, immaterial, solid, liquid etc.

    We present a wide range of sensors operating with different types of readings: Ultrasound, lidar, radar, pulse counter, pressure, flowmeter, load cell etc!

    Choose the right object!

    Four Data also helps you to determine the best network according to the location of the equipment to be monitored.

    We have developed an interactive system, connected to the APIs of the different network providers, to help you choose your equipment. We can also perform network audits on many points.

    No network available? Four Data can offer you to create a local network with base stations, all installed by us to guarantee 100% operation!

    Choose the optimised network!

    Phase 3

    Visualise & host data

    The data from all your sensors or APIs are transferred to our secure servers and analysed there. Algorithms developed by our teams allow us to calculate, forecast, anticipate, trigger email and SMS alerts, trigger orders etc.

    From our platforms you can at any time have all your data (excel version) to reprocess them in another way if necessary!

    Phase 4

    Securing data

    In accordance with the RGPD regulations in force, Four Data secures customer data on French and European servers.

    FOUR DATA processes personal data in compliance with the laws and regulations in force, and in particular with the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD), the French Data Protection Act of January 6, 1978 as amended and the guidelines issued by the CNIL. 

    Personal Data Governance Policies are implemented in companies and compliance with their provisions is monitored.

    The data is then visualised directly on your platforms in an intelligible way. 

    100% RGPD

    Phase 5

    Exploiting the data


    Optimisation of logistics

    By having remote data on all your equipment, you and your operational teams can plan trips (e.g. restocking) as accurately as possible and thus limit your vehicle fleet. You save money but also do something for the planet, which guarantees a better image for your customers! 

    We have also developed artificial intelligence that allows us to report consumption or events according to their recurrence. This way we can obtain forecast dates for shortages or overflows and launch alerts at the right times! 

    Preventive maintenance

    By accumulating data on your equipment we are able to establish typical behaviours and thus detect anomalies more easily. By continuously analysing your equipment, we can reduce the time needed for interventions and thus avoid operational breakdowns.

    target marketing

    Your platform can become a real CRM tool, with the help of a marketing module you can easily push information to your customers, make satisfaction surveys, complete your databases. Linked to an order module you can also propose delivery or intervention offers more easily and manage all this from your new tool: the Four Data platform!

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