2006, 2022

Pellet connected solution

Pellet Connected Solution: Which sensors for tracking wood pellets? Pellet connected solution: telemetry and connected level gauge systems for pellet hoppers and silos are quite recent! Indeed, wood pellets as a heating [...]

2705, 2022

Aurélien DUMARCHE, Sales Manager

Chimirec Dargelos, part of the Chimirec group, a major player in waste collection and recovery. The Chimirec group specialises in the collection, consolidation and treatment of dangerous and non-dangerous waste. Their objective: to [...]

1605, 2022

AdBlue tank telemetry solution

Which connected solution for AdBlue® & IBC ? What is AdBlue® fluid ? AUS32 AdBlue® & IBC telemetry systems are quite recent. For the past ten years or so, [...]

1204, 2022

LPG Congress in Barcelona 2022

Four Data will be present at the Europe LPG Congress 2022! Propane tanks: connected sensors Fuel it will be exhibiting at the Europe LPG Congress dedicated to liquid [...]

1204, 2022

Geoffroy Pertuisot, Avril Group IT Department.

"Oleo100 and more generally the Avril group is keen to move forward with the deployment of IoT solutions that have a real purpose of improving customer service. The Fuel it solution was attractive [...]

1204, 2022

Bruno LEMOINE, the TIBBLOC company

Tibbloc is a French company, created in 2007 by recognized professionals of the climatic and thermal engineering, with 30 years of experience in these fields. The company specialises in the rental of hot/cold [...]