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Whether you are a logistician, a fleet manager or supply chain manager, we have a business solution based on IA & IoT to improve your working methods and data management.

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We have deployed a methodology and a solution that allows you to maximise the use of data to :

Reduce your logistics costs by 29%

  • Reducing the number of trucks on the road

  • Optimising truck movements

  • Avoiding breakages & customer emergencies / stress

  • Restocking / collection on time

Smart-Logistics-Transport-four-data-supply-chain (1)

Build customer loyalty and create new services

  • New source of income: VMI contract

  • Proposer une offre digital innovante

  • Bringing together services on a single platform

Reduce your environmental impact by at least 10%.

  • Carbon footprint emissions / logistics impact

  • CSR approach

  • Eco design technology : made in France

Manage your stocks and purchases in a simple way

  • Simplify inventory / View your stocks

  • Projected needs / trading

  • Predictive maintenance

  • TCO improvement


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