The different types of equipment // assets

Equipement of your installations

Mobile & circulating

At your customers and suppliers

FOUR DATA, offers you a set of solutions to follow your equipments and assets. Whether these installations are in-house, mobile or deported, the information is transmitted on your PaaS platform (Platform As A Service).

Optimising the management of your equipment or resources, avoiding breakdowns or even geofencing, becomes possible thanks to the catalogue of sensors and web solutions (SMS alerts, email, local display, etc) and additional modules etc.

Sensors already in place? No problem, we can transfer the data to our secure servers and transmit them to you in an optimised manner and add Four Data AI for continuous improvement. 

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for your company

Equipment for your facilities

Are you looking for a solution for your factory, your logistics storage facility, a community storage facility, etc.?

We have the solution to help you optimise the monitoring management of your equipments


Tanks, cisterns, valves, piping, machinery etc


  • Stock monitoring / inventory

  • Live defect reporting

  • Production monitoring / digital twin

  • Performance report

  • Predictive maintenance

  • And much more!

Customer testimonial

Guillaume Girodet, manager of a quarry, about the gauges installed on their tanks: “We monitor the level of our fuels remotely, via a telephone interface. We no longer need to go out to check the level of our tanks.

Our fuel supplier is linked to this interface and can optimise his delivery schedule as much as possible. This tool brings comfort to our teams and our supplier and helps to reduce our carbon footprint.

example of equipable materials


Mobile and circulating

You are looking for a solution to track and monitor your mobile equipment?

We have the solution to help you track movements and get real-time system alerts


Container, mobile boiler room, public works, rental equipment, mobile tank etc.


  • Geotracking of materials

  • Geofencing of equipment

  • Remote level monitoring

  • Customer service

  • Feedback of material defects

  • Maintenance/usage report

  • And much more!

Témoignage client

The company specialises in the rental of hot/cold equipment for professionals and offers a wide range of solutions: industrial cooling, modernisation and expansion work, building cooling, process heating and many others.

Bruno Lemoine, Hotline & After Sales Manager at TIBBLOC, says: “The Fuel it solution has given us a great deal of reactivity, the partnership together allows us to be very responsive to our customers, whether in terms of repairs or even fuel supplies.

example of equipable materials

Improve your services

At your customers and suppliers

You are looking for a solution to track equipment at your own customers or suppliers ?


electric meter, tank (RTM), pipes, rising faults, boiler room etc


  • Monitoring of energy consumption (CSR)

  • Stock monitoring

  • Optimisation of logistics

  • Customer service performance

  • Client portfolio management

  • Carbon footprint reduction

  • And much more!

Customer testimonial

As part of its development, in order to monitor the flow of raw materials on a daily basis, it has equipped all its tanks with Four Data connected gauges, which allows it to be more reactive in its supplies and logistics.

The company is very satisfied with this solution and is now offering it to all its customers to monitor their lubricant and/or fuel consumption.

example of equipable materials

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